How Retina International is Governed

Recently, Retina International (RI) changed their governance structure. Now we have an elected Chair from our Board of Directors, elected by our membership.  

The CEO at RI collaborates with their governing bodies in the development and implementation of the organisation’s strategic goals. The Executive Team delivers up-to-the-minute communications to its member organisations and works with them to develop advocacy tools and strategies based on agreed objectives. 

A core function of the RI Team is to produce education and capacity building tool kits based on consensus to support member organisations and to build on existing relationships with other stakeholders in the scientific, medical and health policy fields. 

Our Structure

The Chair and the CEO carry out the affairs of the organisation in conjunction with three governing bodies as follows 

  • Membership – Annual General Meeting 
  • The Board of Directors – The work of the Board is divided into four subcommittees; Governance and Risk, Staff and Finance, Research and Innovation, and, Communications and Outreach  
  • The Scientific Medical Advisory Board – SMAB 

RI is an organisation run by people living with retinal dystrophies for people living with retinal dystrophies and all those affected, either family members or those who provide care. We want to deliver the best information to you and your organisation on the development of retinal research, on access to diagnosis, care pathways, clinical trials and existing and emerging therapies. 

We will continue to utilise every opportunity to develop useful communications tools to reach patients living with retinal dystrophies and work with a multi-stakeholder group of internationally based advocates to ensure our collective voice is heard in all matters that affect our community. 

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