RI Board of Directors

Retina International Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and the Chairperson are elected from the delegates at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and work with the CEO on the development and implementation of the Retina International strategic development plan.

The Board also promote the creation of societies run by individuals with retinal dystrophies for individuals with retinal dystrophies in countries where none exist. They also represent member societies collectively to supra-national bodies and work on the policy and issues determined at the AGM.

Board of Directors

Mr. Franz Badura, Chair (Pro-Retina Germany)

Franz has a long-standing career as a patient advocate and leader. He has served for more than 20 years in different positions in Pro Retina Deutschland, and has held the chair of this organization since 2012. He has initiated and along with a scientific committee, organized the Potsdam meeting, an internationally renowned research colloquium, since 2004. Franz is also a talented musician.


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Mr. Martin Smedstad, Vice Chair (Retina Pigmentosa Forengingen in Norge)

Martin is the deputy chairman of the Norwegian RP-association. His main role and responsibility in the organization is to keep a close eye on research towards treatments and to communicate this to members in a language they can understand. He is also the editor of their newsletter/magazine.

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Mr. Jeremy D’Souza, Treasurer (Retina Australia)

Jeremy was elected to the National Board of Retina Australia in 2016, becoming Deputy Chairman in 2017, a role he continued until 2021. Jeremy now serves as Treasurer of Retina International, Chair of the Staff and Finance Committee, and member of the Engagement and Outreach Committee. Jeremy is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) and has over 25 years’ experience in commercial and corporate roles in the Land-use Planning, Energy, and Financial Services sectors.


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Mr. Ronan Holahan, Company Secretary (Fighting Blindness Ireland)

Ronan trained as a Chartered Accountant and has spent most of his career in consumer banking in a variety of commercial and risk management roles. He is also a Chartered Director. Having extended family diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) motivated Ronan to get involved in the retina community and fund research in the hope that a therapy can be developed. Ronan is on the Board of Fighting Blindness (Ireland) and currently holds the position of company secretary.

Mr. Manny Moodley (Retina South Africa)

Mantoshan (Manny) Moodley is an attorney living with Stargardts Dystrophy. He runs a law firm based in Cape Town, South Africa. Manny has been a long-standing board member of Retina South Africa and was elected Chairperson of the organization in August 2021. He also serves as Vice-Chair on the Board of the Cape Town Society for the Blind, and is involved with several other Boards and Trusts in the disability sector.

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Mr. Jason Menzo (Foundation Fighting Blindness USA)

Jason is the CEO for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. In his role he leads all aspects of operations including finance, fundraising, community engagement and professional outreach. He also serves as a member for the Global Council of Advisors and Advocates for Sightlife, a global non-profit seeking to end corneal blindness. Jason and his wife Leanne are also very active in the autism advocacy and research community.

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Ms. Caisa Ramshage (Svenska RP – Foreningen)

Caisa is an IT architect in the finance sector and serves on the board of Svenska RP-föreningen. She is also the editor of Retinanytt, their membership publication, and has experience organizing successful Retina Europe Youth meetings.

Mr. David Sanchez (FARPE –Spain)

David is the president of RETINMUR in Murcia, Spain, and vice president of FARPE and FUNDALUCE. He is passionate about improving the communication and membership structure of Retina International, and connecting with organizations in Latin America. David is diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa.

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Mrs. Marina Sutter (Retina New Zealand)

Marina was diagnosed with Stargardts Macular Dystrophy at age 12 in New Zealand. She now lives in Zürich, Switzerland studying the German language in preparation for a Masters in Psychology. She is currently serving as the Interim Retina International Youth Council Chair.

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