Retina International Special Interest Group for Usher Syndrome – RI-USH

At the request of members who represent the Usher community, Retina International has established the Retina International Usher Network – RI USH. This is a network of patient experts in Usher Syndrome who are affiliated to our national membership organistions. The network will act as a platform to support advocacy campaigns for the Usher community and to address the demand for up-to-date and reliable information on clinical trials and emerging therapies to all individuals with Usher syndrome, their families and associated medical professionals.

In a first step, the network has been seeking volunteer patient experts ready to take an active part in the network and to form a committee.

If you or a member of your organisation would like to learn more about the network, please email avril.daly@retina-international.org 

You can meet our RI-USH Team here.

You can find out more about Usher Syndrome, such as symptoms, causes and potential treatments, in the ‘Focus On Usher Syndrome’ in Retina International’s IRD Toolkit by clicking here.

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