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Retina International Rebrand Launch

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Retina International is proud to announce the launch of a new updated logo and branding as part of the ongoing evolution of our organisation. Through the support of our global membership and stakeholders, RI has grown and evolved over the past five years and we are delighted to reflect this growth in our new logo, symbolizing our future as a pioneering, global patient organisation.

This new logo and branding system details primary shapes including squares, circles, and triangles in a variety of colours coming together to form a creative “RI” emblem. The words Retina International are located to the right of the emblem, and are in branded font.


Retina International Logo

Retina International Updated Logo

The enduring purpose of Retina International is to foster research and to ensure universal access to diagnosis, treatment and care for people affected by Retinal Degenerative Disease – and this remains our mission. There are many aspects to our work in carrying out this mission, which is summarised in our tagline: Educate, Participate, Innovate.

Currently, RI has an impressive portfolio of education toolkit microsites; for Inherited Retinal Degenerations, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, and Diabetes-related Eye Diseases, each of which give comprehensive overviews of these conditions, and are suitable for the multi-stakeholder audience we serve.

RI also leads and participates in many policy actions,  particularly around the area of genetic testing for Inherited Retinal Degenerations (IRDs)  for which we launched our Know Your Code portal site in 2020. Awareness raising and policy actions concerning the ageing retina are housed in our Retina Action site, where we collaborate with a global coalition of vision and ageing groups.

Finally, RI leads in innovative data generation that underpins all of our work; conducting and publishing social research – such as our Cost-of-Illness studies, that place the patient experience at the centre of global conversations on retinal degenerative diseases and their emerging therapies.

Each of these components are as critical as the other, and it is the sum of these individual parts that describe Retina International and its work. As you visit our microsites: Know Your Code, Retina Action, IRD Toolkit, DED Toolkit, and our AMD Toolkit, you will discover that each element in our logo, consisting of a shape and unique colour, corresponds with the logo and colour theme for a given microsite.

This striking design system is flexible, adaptable, and expandable; mirroring the organisation it represents. The colours and functional elements of our website development have been carefully selected with accessibility in mind, ensuring an enjoyable user experience for all. To ensure adaptability of our logo in all contexts, it is also available in monochrome formats, both dark and light. The logo is also available in a small format, which has larger text relative to the emblem in order to facilitate readability when reduced in size.

If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Fiona Waters, Education & Engagement Manager at RI, at


The Retina International Team


Discover our new look:

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AMD Toolkit

IRD Toolkit

DED Toolkit

Retina Action

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