Questions to ask yourself before a genetic test

  1. Will the results of the test affect other members of my family and if so, should I discuss the test with them first?
  2. How might the results of the test affect me and my family emotionally?
  3. Who should I tell about the test results (e.g. family members, work colleagues, teachers)?
  4. Will the results affect my insurance?
  5. Will you be giving me written information that goes over what we have been discussing? (You might want to ask for this if this is not standard procedure).
  6. Who will be the one to explain the results to my child and/or relatives?
  7. Is there any written information that you can give me, which will help explain the situation to my child and/or relatives?
  8. Are there any support services or patient organisations I can contact?
  9. What other health professionals should I get in contact with?
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