RIWC 2020 Programme

Dublin, October 15th 2019, World Cane Day

Registration opens today for the 21st Retina International World Congress, June 4th-6th 2020, in Reykjavik, Iceland.

New to the World Congress is an expansion of the Retina Youth program to include interactive presentations and workshops on holistic health and well-being, career development, life coaching, and patient and public involvement in research from bench to bedside. The program continues to allow for the networking, communication and social elements of previous Retina Youth programs while exploring Iceland.

The Retina Youth Program for RIWC 2020 can be found below along with a link to RIWC 2020 information and registration.

Retina International World Congress 2020

Retina Youth Programme: Our Future In Sight

Blindrafélagið, Hamrahlíð 17, 105, Reykjavik,


June 2nd to 7th 2020








Tuesday 2nd of June

AM/PM Arriving to Iceland, Settle in Accommodation Studenthostel
19:00 Dinner and get to know each other Studenthostel

Wednesday 3rd of June

09:00 Claudette Medefindt, Key Note Presentation, “Beyond your  genes: genetic inheritance need not define your life” Hamrahlíð 17
10:00 “Amazing Race”, around downtown Reykjavik followed by lunch Downtown
14:00 Marina Pentz: “The four pillars of wellbeing; their application in the context vision loss” Hamrahlíð 17
15:00 Coffee pause Hamrahlíð 17
15:30 Chad Andrews: “Youth Education and Empowerment” Hamrahlíð 17
16:00 Karley Joy: “Understanding your own wellbeing- creating everyday healthy pursuits” Hamrahlíð 17
17:00 Free time
19:00 Traditional Icelandic Dinner Downtown

Thursday 4th of June


09:00 Horse Riding Tour Íshestar, Hafnarfjörður
13:00 Lunch Hamrahlið 17
14:00 Karl Meesters Presentation and Workshop: “The power within – career development for persons with a visual impairment” Hamrahlið 17
15:30 Coffee break Hamrahlið 17
17:30 Welcome ceremony of the 21st International Retina Congress Eldborg – Harpa concert hall
19:00 Get together Harpa concert hall

Friday 5th of June


09:00 Patient and Public Involvement in Research from Bench to Bedside Hamrahlíð 17
11:00 Participating in the Retina congress Harpa concert hall
20:00 Concert

Saturday 6th of June


AM Participating in the Retina Congress Patient Programme Harpa concert hall
20:00 Gala Dinner Kolabrautin – Harpa concert hall

Sunday 7th of June


AM/PM Optional free time activities: Volcano Tour or Hot River Tour



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