Retina International is thrilled to unveil its latest communications project, Perspectives. This innovative campaign, comprising of podcasts, life story narratives, and other media content, aims to shed light on the lived experiences of individuals grappling with retinal diseases worldwide. As a global advocate representing diverse voices in the retinal disease community, our mission with Perspectives aligns seamlessly with our overarching goal: to enhance comprehension among stakeholders involved in developing and implementing care pathways, support systems, and therapeutic interventions. Moreover, Perspectives seeks to educate the broader public about the profound impact of retinal degeneration on individuals’ lives, fostering empathy and garnering support for improved quality of life. Through engaging discussions on topics ranging from  mental health to access to education and employment, Perspectives endeavours to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the resilience and unique perspectives of those affected by retinal diseases. By amplifying the voices of patients, families, advocates, and experts, we aspire to dismantle societal stigmas and foster a more inclusive approach to healthcare and support networks.

Michelle Glaze

Michelle Glaze was our first person to interview for this project. She works at Foundation Fighting Blindness USA as the Director of Professional Outreach. We’re thankful to have her share her story about being diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa and what that entails in terms of being a single mother and a passionate advocate for other individuals with Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs) and other retinal dystrophies.

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Marina Leite

Marina Leite was the former chair of the Retina Youth Council. As a young person with Stargardt’s Disease, Marina has known how to exist with her retinal disease, but it does not let it define her in her day to day. Her perspective on how it’s like to live with a visual impairment in this day and age is crucial to see how diverse places can change your way of living.

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