PARTICIPATE: This is our Policy Pillar

The members of RI value the access the organisation provides to world leaders in the research and clinical space, thought leaders as well as the intellectual capacity of our patient leaders across the globe.

RI is an active participant in global advocacy working with the WHO and UN as well as the European Commission, and is keen to progress within other agencies who have decision making powers that affect our community.

As an international organisation with a track record in pioneering a successful approach to participation in global advocacy, this must be a fundamental pillar. However, it must be recognised that advocacy is dependent on confident and well informed communities who share objectives and know how to utilise the understanding of their condition to influence positive change and to participate effectively and work collaboratively.

To achieve successful advocacy outcomes, patients must participate in actions that can influence decision makers and result in positive change. Education will enable greater patient participation as outlined and it will develop our membership base to be informed actors in the provision of advice to stakeholders, in policy development and the commissioning of research at a national and supranational level.

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