Monitor and Evaluate

Consistently monitor the state of play

Stay up-to-date on developments relevant to your advocacy to identify potential opportunities and challenges.

  • Create a Google Alert to check for new relevant documents being published
  • Freedom of Information Act requests to access official documents and gain insight into developments.
  • Keep an eye on how are new policies are being implemented; are promises being kept?

Evaluate your own campaign

When creating your SMART goals, it is important to consider how you are going to measure your progress, both during and at the end of the campaign. Take some time to integrate Key Performance Indicators into your campaign. Two kinds of KPI’s that may be useful are Process KPI’s and Outcome KPI’s.

Process KPIs: Focus on the means, not the result


  • How many people / stakeholders you met
  • Impact of Communications outputs – Social Media reach, google analytics
  • Workflow efficiency

Outcome KPIs: Focus on the ends – the concrete outcome of your campaign


  • Results: Adoption of a policy goal into a bill
  • Behaviour: Increase in political interest/support
  • Increased awareness, change of conversation
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