INNOVATE: This is our Research pillar.

Our membership is made up of organisations who promote and support research and innovation in order to expedite the search for therapies that can preserve vision. Thus, the promotion and support of research and innovation is a fundamental pillar of our work.

Members of RI have contributed to therapeutic development through investment for almost fifty years, however, it must be understood that INNOVATION refers not only to the traditional lab based and translational research, but reflects the need for socio-economic research to make the case to support and investment in the development of treatments, and provision of access to them.

With many pathways of retinal disease still unknown, for our community, supporting the infrastructure to promote innovation from bench to bedside is critical. This pillar will include action on clinical trial development, action on the generation of patient data and action in the development of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) as well as the development of interoperable registers.

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