General FAQs

Below are some general questions that may be useful to discuss with your clinical specialist regarding genetic testing:

  1. Why are you asking me to have a genetic test?
  2. Why have I or my child been referred to see a genetics specialist?
  3. Why do I or my child have this condition?
  4. Can you tell me about the condition I or my child is being tested for?
  5. How common is this condition?
  6. What might it be like to live with this condition?
  7. Is there any treatment for this condition?
  8. If so, is it expensive and will I have to pay?
  9. Is everybody with this condition affected by it in the same way?
  10. How is the condition passed from one generation to the next?
  11. If I have another child what is the risk that they will have the condition?
  12. Where can I find more information about the condition?
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