In-Focus Podcast 9: Chad Andrews

In episode 9 of the In-Focus podcast, Avril is joined by Chad Andrews from Fighting Blindness Canada (FBC). Chad works as a Policy Advisor at FBC. In their discussion, Avril and Chad discuss the multifarious projects and educational initiatives he is involved in with FBC, including Vision Class and the Young Leaders Program as well as other newly established projects to support FBC’s members during COVID-19.

Chad speaks in detail about some of FBC’s current initiatives, including Vision Quest and FBC’s ongoing webinar series View Point, which ranges from presentations on scientific research, such as stem-cell therapy, to discussions on social distancing and coping with sight loss during COVID-19. Registration for these webinars is free and can be done on the FBC website, where recording for previously-held meetings can also be found.

Chad also explains to Avril the burden-of-illness studies being conducted by FBC during this time to understand the challenges and obstacles of living with vision loss from the patient’s perspective, as well as their Cycle For Sight fundraising event which is scheduled for Saturday June 20th 2020.

It’s certainly not an episode to be missed!

You can listen to the podcast via the link below:

In-Focus Podcast 9: Chad Andrews


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