Address Mental Health

Address the mental health needs of people living with AMD and their caregivers by developing actionable national and regional initiatives.  

The mental health and well-being of those who live with AMD can be significantly impacted by the disease. Studies indicate that nearly half of those affected by AMD suffer from anxiety or depression. (2)

Retina International welcomes the European Commission initiative to develop a long-term, comprehensive and integrated European strategy on mental health. As part of this, we believe that the Commission and EU Member States should guarantee attention is given to the psychological and emotional aspects of people living with AMD and for their caregivers, to enable acceptance and guide the patients after the diagnosis.

Support should be provided in cooperation with national civil society organisations and funded through the European and national budgets available for psychological and mental well-being. On a regional level, this would allow AMD-specialised centres or organisations to enlist the assistance of mental health professionals to support and guide AMD patients and caregivers.

To ensure the development of actionable national and regional initiatives that address the mental health needs of people living with AMD and their caregivers, Retina International calls on incoming MEPs and political parties and groupings to:

  • Identify, share and promote best practices that improve the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of aging people with AMD and their caregivers.


  • Direct national governments to develop corresponding national mental health strategies with clear timetables, adequate budgets, concrete targets and KPIs to monitor progress.


  • Develop and implement prevention initiatives within and across policies that address the needs of aging people with AMD and their caregivers, including initiatives against depression, anxiety and suicide, as well as initiatives that prevent and mitigate loneliness and social isolation.


  • Improve the quality and accessibility (waiting times, travelling distance and affordability) of mental health services and care for aging people with AMD.
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