World Retina Day 2022 – Theme Announcement

World Retina Day 2022: Theme Announcements and Social Media Assets

Charcoal graphic reading World Retina Day. 24 September 2022. As we emerge into the light, let's not leave anyone in the dark. Colorful RI logo in bottom left corner. Top right corner reads hashtag WRD 2022. Hashtag World Retina Day.

World Retina Day is taking place this year on Saturday, September 24th, 2022. This is an important day for the community and we encourage you to get involved in raising awareness for retinal degenerations in any way you can, whether that be organising an event or sharing content on social media.

This World Retina Day, the team at Retina International is raising awareness for the experiences of the visually impaired community as the world comes out of lockdown. The community is facing significant challenges in this “new normal” including reduced mobility, further reduced access to work and education, and reduced support for their wellbeing.

We’re calling for society at large not to leave anyone in the dark as we emerge into the light. Would you like to join us in this campaign? We encourage you to share your own stories about what challenges you have faced post-lockdown. How has the world changed for you and what do you think can be improved to ensure the wellbeing and inclusion of those living with sight loss during this new normal? Please be sure to use the hashtag #WRD2022.

You are also welcome to download and share our social media graphics on World Retina Day, along with our pre-typed tweets.

Click here to download the World Retina Day graphics for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In.

World Retina Day 2022 Tweets:

  • The world may be coming out of lockdowns, but those living with sight loss still face significant challenges like reduced mobility and access to work and education. How has this “new normal” affected you?
    #WRD2022 #ShareYourStory @Retina_Int
  • This #WorldRetinaDay, we’re shining a light on the challenges the visually impaired community face post-lockdown. We call for society at large not to leave anyone in the dark as we emerge into the light. #WRD2022 @Retina_Int
  • As lockdowns lift, many changes that may seem minor to some can pose huge challenges to those with sight loss, like the rise in silent electric bikes/scooters, and stores switching to self-checkout. What changes have you struggled with in this new normal? #WRD2022 #ShareYourStory
  • The COVID pandemic’s impact on routine appointments has led many people to continue to miss regular eye examinations. Those living with IRDs can be susceptible to vision problems such as early cataracts and should still get their eyes checked regularly. #WRD2022 @Retina_Int
  • As we emerge from lockdowns, care and support for those with sight loss must be prioritised. How can governments and policymakers work to ensure the wellbeing and inclusion of the visually impaired community? #WRD2022 @Retina_Int
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