FFB supporting IRD research


The unique contributions of Foundation Fighting Blindness, as a patient organisation, to genetic research has been highlighted in the research journal Genes. Ben Shaberman and Todd Durham of FFB have written the article highlighting the significant progress in IRD research that has only been possible through the funding and leadership of the Foundation and the generous contributions and support of the patients and their families.


The article is published as an open source commentary in the journal Genes, which means that it is freely available to read and free to download from the website: https://www.mdpi.com/2073-4425/10/7/511/htm


See the news piece on the Foundation Fighting Blindness website https://www.fightingblindness.org/research/the-foundation-s-contributions-to-genetic-research-published-in-peer-reviewed-journal-32


We at RI are delighted to see the hard work of FFB and patient organisations in supporting, funding and driving research in IRDs being recognised and highlighted.


You can read the abstract of the paper below:

The Foundation Fighting Blindness Plays an Essential and Expansive Role in Driving Genetic Research for Inherited Retinal Diseases


The Foundation Fighting Blindness leads a collaborative effort among patients and families, scientists, and the commercial sector to drive the development of preventions, treatments, and cures for inherited retinal diseases (IRDs). When the nonprofit was established in 1971, it sought the knowledge and insights of leaders in the retinal research field to guide its research funding decisions. While the Foundation’s early investments focused on gaining a better understanding of the genetic causes of IRDs, its portfolio of projects would come to include some of the most innovative approaches to saving and restoring vision, including gene replacement/augmentation therapies, gene editing, RNA modulation, optogenetics, and gene-based neuroprotection. In recent years, the Foundation invested in resources such as its patient registry, natural history studies, and genetic testing program to bolster clinical development and trials for emerging genetic therapies. Though the number of clinical trials for such therapies has surged over the last decade, the Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to funding the initiatives that hold the most potential for eradicating the entire spectrum of IRDs.
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