Retina Portugal is continuing to work to identify barriers to physical and digital accessibility

Retina Portugal Logo

Retina Portugal Logo

For the fourth consecutive year, Retina Portugal has dedicated itself to identifying barriers to physical and digital accessibility and raising the awareness of responsible agents with a view to minimizing these barriers.

With regard to physical accessibility in public spaces and/or areas of public interest, 34 spaces in the districts of Bragança, Aveiro, Leiria and Évora were visited, with the assessments being, as in previous editions, based on the Technical Standards for Accessibility in force.

With regard to digital accessibility, the sites visited were informally evaluated by visually impaired users, but also by a specialized computer technician.

Another innovation in this edition was the compilation of useful information for people with visual impairments and their guides, about the most current guidance and orientation and mobility techniques, taking into account the constraints related to the prevention of disease transmission, namely COVID-19.

We are currently in the preparation phase for the execution of projects financed by the National Institute of Rehabilitation for the year 2023 in the areas of culture and inclusive access that will be put into practice by our technical team.

In the month of April, we will carry out a campaign to raise awareness of the general population of the city of Porto regarding low vision issues with the name “Ver Porto Com Outro Olhos”, free visual screenings will be carried out, information on typical eye diseases that cause low vision and we will be promoting various products to support low vision such as the green cane.

We remain committed to working to continue raising awareness in the community and disseminating best practices in accessibility with the aim of enhancing the autonomy of people with visual impairments.

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