Bulgaria: “Vision for Vision” Project

Association RETINA BULGARIA is a civic organization headed by patients and their families with the purpose of supporting research, policies and care for those affected by rare and socially significant retinal diseases (hereditary retinal dystrophy, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy).

In cooperation with the Foundation for Local Government Reform (Bulgaria) and Blindrafelagid Icelandic Association of the Visually Impaired, Retina Bulgaria are implementing the “Vision for Vision” project, which is expected to continue until 2021.

Retina Bulgaria’s objective for this project is to raise awareness around the state of retinal and visual health in Bulgaria, through highlighting the challenges facing people living with visual impairments in accessing eye care and outlining why the rates of visual impairment and blindness prevalence continue to rise. They have published a report of their findings to date regarding the state of visual health in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is among the countries whose unmet eye and visual health needs are, on average, more than 4 times higher than those in high income countries, with the needs among the vulnerable population groups exceeding that number many times over. There is no established mechanism for coordination at central and local administrative levels between the health, social and education sectors, intended to provide measures for limiting blindness and guaranteeing the rights of those affected.

The report, published in January 2020, is intended for an audience consisting of representatives of different stakeholders: healthcare professionals, patients, authorities, industry. The team which has drafted the report welcomes any proposal for supplementing it with information that can contribute to its updating and completeness with regard to the project objectives.

Please read the following documents to learn about the “Vision for Vision” project:

“Vision for Vision” project description.

Report on the status of the vision health in Bulgaria (Summary)

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