Introducing the Perspectives Podcast Series

Retina International is happy to launch its Perspectives Podcast series!

This monthly series profiles members of Retina International from all over the world, who will share their experiences of living with retinal degenerative diseases. We will also speak to researchers, clinicians, policy makers and industry representatives on their own perspectives of the future of retina research and innovation, care, and support.


Episode 1: Meet the Hosts, Avril Daly and David Sanchez

Meet our Hosts:

David Sanchez

Hi, I am David, I live in Murcia, which is in the southeast of Spain, not far from Alicante.

I live with Retinitis Pigmentosa, RPE65 gene specifically. I am currently studying for a degree in History at the University of Murcia. I am also an amateur podcaster and looking forward to joining Avril to Co-host the Perspective Podcast series on behalf of Retina International!

I like sports, especially football – or soccer as some of you will know it across the world.  I believe in supporting others through volunteering and am currently doing that here in Spain as President of the Federation of Hereditary Retinal Dystrophy Associations of Spain (FARPE in Spanish), President of the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FUNDALUCE in Spanish), President of the Retina Murcia Association and chair of Membership and Communications on the Board of Directors of Retina International

I am also a member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases (FEDER in Spanish)

I represent Spanish people living with rare eye diseases on the European Patient Advocacy Group at the ERN EYE. I am also a

Member of Social Policy Advocacy Group at Rare Disease Europe, EURORDIS.

I am married with two daughters.

Avril Daly

I am Avril Daly; I work as the CEO of Retina International. I volunteer on the Board of Directors of the Irish National Alliance for Rare Diseases, RDI and am the current voluntary president of Rare Disease Europe, EURORDIS. I am also a person who lives with an IRD.

I have worked in the health and research policy space for over twenty years, I am not a scientist, but I believe in science and the solutions it can bring to the challenges we face in society at large, to our health and wellbeing, our environment and beyond. I also believe that people who share a goal – no matter how big or how ambitious – can achieve it if they work collaboratively!

Unlike my co-host David, I am a listener not a podcaster! But I am looking forward to participating in RIs new Perspectives series, listening to our community, and learning from them. I also hope that in the process David may teach me some Spanish.

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