Perspectives 2024

Retina International Launches “Perspectives” a communications campaign to raise awareness of life with a retinal degenerative disease. 

Retina International proudly announces the launch of its new communications campaign, Perspectives. Through a series of podcasts, narratives and social medial outputs, we will highlight the reality of life with  retinal disease from the perspective of people living all over the world.  

As a global umbrella group representing diverse voices and different experiences of living with diminishing vision, we hope to improve the understanding among those who develop care pathways, supports and therapies, and those who decide on their implementation. We also hope to educate the public on the impact of all forms of retinal degeneration on peoples lives so they can understand the challenges experienced every day and why support is needed to improve quality of life. 

The series will explore a range of critical topics suggested by our membership, including research and innovation, mental health, access to education and employment, diversity in attitudes to sight loss, and sharing life hacks that help people to overcome day to day challenges. 

In an era where inclusivity and understanding are paramount, Perspectives seeks to amplify the voices of patients and their families, friends and all those who support them, providing a platform for meaningful conversations that transcend physical challenges. By delving into the day-to-day lives of our community, the campaign aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the resilience, unique perspectives, and contributions to society that this community makes. 

The campaign will feature insightful discussions with experts, advocates, and individuals directly affected by retinal degenerative diseases. The goal  is to inspire empathy, break down societal stigmas, and encourage a more inclusive approach to healthcare and support systems. 

“We believe that true understanding comes from listening to the diverse narratives of visually impaired individuals and those who support them,” said Avril Daly, CEO at Retina International. “Through ‘Perspectives,’ we hope to create a space where these stories can be shared and we hope through this campaign those living with retinal degenerative disease feel that they are not alone, knowing there are many facing the same challenges.” 

“Perspectives” is set to launch on the 12th of February, with podcasts available on our website. Retina International invites the public, healthcare professionals, and advocates alike to join the conversation, promote understanding, become champions for the retina community. 

To check out who will be our first participants follow our page here

If you would like to be involved and share your story, please contact: Laura López Caraballo, Membership and Engagement Coordinator, at 

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