NFB virtual education resources

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) have prepared an online resource dedicated to providing activities that are both fun and educational for children living with blindness and their families.

This virtual resource which facilitates online learning comes at the perfect time as we come to terms with social distancing and the reality of being largely confined to home for the forseeable future, during COVID-19. The NFB update their site daily with new activities, games and audio stories which parents and children can enjoy together, while simultaneously teaching children braille and to become familiar with moving and navigating through their environment using their other senses.

Additionally, the NFB host interactive lessons every Thursday at 11am Eastern Time (ET), where children learn to be creative and take part in learning some non visual concepts, using the simplest of household items. It’s a really enjoyable way to spend some quality time with your child, while they learn new skills and have fun fun doing it.

Please check out the National Federation of the Blind website for a full list of ideas on how to keep your child occupied, entertained and learning while stuck at home!

National Federation of the Blind: Distance Education Resources

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