Retina Suisse

Retina Suisse is the self-help organization for people with degenerative retinal diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa (RP), Usher syndrome, macular degeneration and similar retinal diseases that:

  • informs and advises affected people, their relatives and the public;
  • supports the exchange of experience and the mutual help of its members;
  • promotes scientific research in the field of retinal degeneration with the aim of finding a treatment for these diseases, which are not treatable today or can only be treated in limited cases in special cases.

Retina Suisse bases its information activities on reliable scientific knowledge and is supported by a scientific and medical advisory board.

Retina Suisse is a member of Retina International and SZB Switzerland, Central Association for the Blind, ProRaris and Agile


Ausstellungsstrasse 36
CH-8005 Zuerich


T ++ 41 44 4441077

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