Approximately in Spain there are 1,800,000 and 2,000,000 people affected by degenerative diseases of the retina, of which some twenty thousand people are affected by retinitis pigmentosa ; pathology of variable evolution that a slow and progressive loss of vision, being its most characteristic manifestations:

  • Night blindness: manifests itself as a poor adaptation to darkness and dimly lit places.
  • Reduction of visual field and peripheral vision: forces those affected to turn their heads to see what is around them.
  • Progressive loss of visual acuity: difficulty perceiving shapes and objects
  • Glare and photopsies: many patients perceive lights or small flashes on the periphery of their field, which hinders vision, especially in conditions of excessive light, which forces the use of sunglasses with special sunscreens.
  • Altered perception of colors.


For all this group of affected, it is of special importance, updated information regarding scientific advances and future curative therapies at the surgical, pharmacological, reconstruction or artificial vision levels, that maintain the hope of a future improvement of their visual capacity.


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