In-Focus 2: Claudette & Karen

In episode two of In-Focus, the new Retina International podcast series, Avril is joined by Claudette Medefindt and Karen Denton from Retina South Africa. Claudette has been involved with Retina South Africa for 40 years and is currently Head of Science at Retina South Africa, as well as Deputy President of Retina International, while Karen holds the position of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) Ambassador, bringing with her a wealth of experience in patient counselling and education.

In this episode, Claudette and Karen discuss how the current COVID-19 crisis has impacted South Africa, with lockdown measures enforced and the strain this has put on the healthcare system. Claudette and Karen also delve into the growing concerns among people living with retinal conditions who are receiving anti-VEGF, highlighting certain barriers to treatment which exist and what efforts are being made to ensure more equitable healthcare.

Claudette and Karen also talk to Avril about Retina South Africa’s research projects both past and present, particularly genetic profiling of the indigenous population with respect to IRD’s. They explain how these genetic tests are made available to people who would otherwise not be able to access it and discuss the remarkable progress they have made, achieving a genetic result for 60% of participants and contributing to clinical trials.

This episode takes us through the challenges facing patient organisations around the globe in the current climate, but most importantly highlights the success that can be had with dedication, organisation and a clear focus.

Listen to the full audio-recording of the podcast here:

In-Focus episode 2: Claudette Medefindt and Karen Denton


Last week’s episode is also available to listen to here if you missed it:

In-Focus episode 1: Christina Fasser


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