In-Focus 1: Christina Fasser

Retina International’s new podcast series, In-Focus launched today. In this new series, RI CEO and podcast host Avril Daly will be accompanied by Retina International members and invited guests to discuss current and pressing topics worldwide, how they are relevant to and impact on ophthalmology and the efforts being made to support people living with visual impairments and blindness due to retinal dystrophies, helping them feel connected as part of the global retina community.

Avril will be joined by leaders and volunteers from our member organisations who will explain the work they are engaged in at a national level, some of the difficulties they encounter and their goals and hopes for the future of their organisation and the global community. Some well-known researchers and clinicians will also talk about new developments specific to ophthalmic research, clinical trials seeking to develop treatments and cures for retinal diseases and how this work is impacted by the current global climate.

Our aim for this series is to provide timely and relevant discussion on all matters retina-related and develop a comprehensive resource and library of information to support and engage our members and global audience. We also want this podcast series to be a source of optimism and hope for people living with visual impairments and blindness worldwide, especially during times of struggle and global emergency, like what we are experiencing at present.

In the first episode of our new podcast series, Avril Daly speaks with RI President Christina Fasser about the effect COVID-19 has on her life as a person living with Retinitis Pigmentosa, specifically the severe consequences of social distancing on her active lifestyle and the adjustments she has made to keep physically active. Christina also explains how she is using this extra time at home in a positive way, to reconnect with friends and family, revisiting old interests and to practice the art of handwritten letters.

Check out the audio-recording of tour first episode here:

Retina in Focus episode 1: Christina Fasser

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