EPF: Innovative Medicines

The European Patients Forum has published its position paper on ‘The Value and Pricing of Innovative Medicines.’ This position paper was developed by the European Patients’ Forum, a pan-European cross- disease umbrella patient organisation, in consultation with its membership. It builds on a statement first published in 2016 titled “Core principles from the patient perspective on the value and pricing of innovative medicines”. Since 2016, the prices of medicines have emerged as a high priority both on the political agendas of EU Member States and of the European Union itself, as well as internationally.

All patients in the EU have a right to access high-quality, patient-centred care in a timely manner. Medicines form one of the most important aspects of treatment for many patients. However, there are concerns in Europe and globally that the cost of some new medicines is undermining health systems’ capacity to provide sustainable and equitable access for all. Patients will only benefit from new, innovative therapies if they are available in a timely manner, accessible and affordable to all who need them.

Read the full position paper here: EPF Position Paper

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